DDR5 | [Manta] XPrism RGB | SCC KIT | 32GB (16GBx2) | INTEL XMP | Gaming Memory


Manta XSky RGB DDR5 U-DIMM 32GB (16GBx2) Intel XMP 3.0 is compatible with DDR5 Intel 600 and 700 Series Intel Core Processors. Equipped with the latest PMIC and On-die ECC tech for speed and stability, it offers trusted quality and reliability. Designed for overclockers, it includes a limited lifetime warranty.

Memory TypeDDR5 U-DIMM 288 PIN
Memory Series[SCC 2+2] Manta XPrism RGB
Memory Size32GB [16GBx2] + RGB Filler Kit
Performance ProfileIntel XMP 3.0
Dimension138mm (L) x 41.7mm (H) x 9mm (W)
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